IBIZA, I Love You…. La Paloma, Ibiza



Ibiza is our favourite place in the world.  We visit every year and every year the magic of the island and the people melts our hearts.  Each summer we visit the places we love and we always discover somewhere new….and then, again, fall in love.  The island is full of beautiful, creative, inspiring people and so there is never any shortage of good food, good music and good people…..all against the awe inspiring backdrop of the island – Mother Nature definitely hit the island with the ‘Beautiful, Magical, Enchanting’ stick when she conjured up Ibiza.

La Paloma is a family run restaurant and cafe, it sits exquisitely in the village of San Lorenzo, in the north of the island.  The restaurant is a converted finca and has the most beautiful garden surrounded by citrus trees.  The energy and love that has gone into making this place dream like can be felt throughout.  La Paloma, for me and many is the perfect setting for any occasion.  It’s the place you go and never want to leave because it just feels like home.  The menu is so delicious and consciously put together that it makes you feel happy at the mere thought of just glancing at the menu.  The staff are so welcoming and they are amazing with children – there is a super cute little play area in the garden too.  La Paloma has a rustic bohemian vibe and its a place for everyone.


la paloma

I am a self confessed ‘Green Juice Junkie’ and if there is one on the menu…I am all over it!  Due to my green juice snobbery, I do get picky and I know when something tastes nutrient dense and clean….or not.  La Paloma does not disappoint and I go as far to say that it is the best green juice that I have ever had on the island.  Not only does it taste divine, clean, fresh and invigorating, it is priced very reasonable for a juice of this quality.  It’s not loaded with apple to build up volume and the colour is a brilliant bright green.The food was deliciously prepared and I loved that the options for children have just as much thought put into them.



If you are ever on the Island of Ibiza, then La Paloma is a must visit!

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